Computer Assisted Language Learning or simply known as CALL is basically another tool to language learning. It uses computers as an aid for the classroom, teachers and especially students. Defying the traditional chalkboard or whiteboard with modern computers, CALL can be quite handy and easy for the students to cope with learning. It is important for the students to be computer-proficient and encourage them on individual learning. The study skill output from CALL also include reading academic texts efficiently and effectively, jotting down notes, research, participate in an online discussion, and preparing themselves for examinations.

Computers are used to make teaching grammar, vocabulary, syntax and literature more effective and the list could go on. CALL can store data more than books can do, it enable more knowledge to be stored, and accessibility doesn’t stop in classroom. Students can still do CALL outside of classroom, because it only need a computer to do so.

Though every technology has its own flaw, CALL can be a troublesome when there is a problem with the server, or the bad documentation of the activities, errors in formatting, improper feedback etc. Worry not, technology is growing at a rapid speed, these flaws should be fixed soon.

To conclude, CALL is one of so many creative ways of learning language. Teachers can maximize its usage to add some fun during their class. As student nowadays are technology-proficient, CALL is a great way for them to be exposed to such program from an early age; knowledge-wise.


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