AntConc is a freeware, multi-platform, multi-purpose corpus analysis toolkit, designed specifically for use in the classroom. It hosts a comprehensive set of tools including a powerful concordancer, word and keyword frequency generators, tools for cluster and lexical bundle analysis, and a word distribution plot. In this paper, I will describe each of these tools, and explain their value to learners. Then, I will discuss the current limitations of the software, before explaining how I hope it will be improved in future releases. (Anthony Laurence, AntConc: A Learner and Classroom Friendly, Multi-Platform Corpus Analysis Toolkit)

AntConc is basically a freeware design to analyze text from wide varieties of media such as online articles, newspapers, magazines, etc. It work with the keyword search and from there user would be able to draw a certain conclusions to their research.

The How To

All you gotta do is download the freeware on the internet (click this link to get auto-directed to the download page). Once you have downloaded the freeware, click ‘Run’ and you can start using it instantly. First of all, you need to find the media or research data from various sources for example online blogs or forums. Next, copy the whole text, paste it in a note pad, save it and rename it as Doc 1. The list goes on if you have more than one. Open the freeware, click File (top right corner) Open File(s) and choose the one you have saved in the note pad (click all Doc(s) if you have more than one). Afterward, type in the word you wanna search for the frequency and hit search. The findings will appear on the screen.

I print screened the image as below.

The blue circle is the Open File tab, while the blue square is the search box for the keyword search.

In my humble opinion, AntConc is one helpful software to search for frequencies of word in wide varieties of media and corpus. It will help analyze the corpus and help in our research findings. Try it out yourself.


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