Towards drawing a hypothesis or a conclusion to a research, a survey is one option to achieve it. Dr. Afendi has asked us to design a survey based on a topic that we choose. I have chose a topic on The Effectiveness of Zero Polystyrene Campaign in UKM (2015).

The Online Survey (Click the link to go to the survey which I posted online). I have it print screen below.



Afterwards, from the data and findings, I made a report. Here is the full report.


On April 1st this year (2015) Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student and Alumni Affairs) Prof Datin Dr Noor Aziah Mohd Awal has launched a Zero Polystyrene Campaign in UKM due to the excessive usage and disposal of the material which are not biodegradable. On that note, this issue has proven a worrisome, hence this survey is conducted to help collect an amount of data to check on how effective the campaign has run since its launching.


A. Questionnaire

To start, I have prepared a questionnaire for this survey. Included in the survey are three demographic questions and seven questions base on the campaign. Making all together ten questions in the survey with an additional quote box just for the fun of answering the survey.

Here are all ten questions and the multiple choice answers for audience to choose from.

  1. Gender



  1. Age




*27 and above

  1. Education





  1. Do you use polystyrene to take away food?



  1. Do you use your own container to take away food?



  1. Do you aware of the danger of using polystyrene?



  1. If you are already familiar with the effect of polystyrene, would you still use them if the food premises provide polystyrenes



  1. Do you think it is relevant/logical idea to enforce the ‘Zero Polystyrene Campaign in UKM (2015)’



  1. Do you find the idea/implementation of ‘Zero Polystyrene Campaign in UKM (2015)’ practical to you as a student?



  1. How do you take away food without using polystyrenes?

*Plastic wrap/bag

*Paper wrap/bag


  1. Thank you for spending some time filling in this form. Please help me by giving random inspirational quotes just for fun.

B. Summary Of Analysis

After I have published the survey on the internet, I have received a total of 29 respondents in total. Each questions are tabulated and analyzed as below.


Out of 29 respondents, 23 of them are female and only 6 are male, and I have got the most respondents at the age between 24 to 26 years old.  9 respondent aged between 21 to 23 years old. 8 respondents are 18 to 20 years old and I have got only one respondent whom age between 27 and above.


Education wise, the majority of my respondents are undergraduate which recorded at 24 people, three from post-graduate and two from ‘others’ option.

Moving to the first survey question regarding the campaign, 24 people answered ‘Yes’ to the question while 5 of them says ‘No’. Following the same result in the second question, when 72.4% of the respondent says ‘No’ to own container when taking away food, leaving only 27.6% agreeing to do so.

I would say that majority of my respondents use polystyrene instead of their own container to take away food.


I asked about their awareness of the danger of using polystyrene in the third question which lead to almost 90% saying ‘Yes’, but the next question leads to a serious confusion when the answers may vary depending on the background of my respondent. The answer for the fourth question reads, 13 people picked ‘Yes’ and 16 people disagree to the question.

The confusion is that, when majority already aware about the dangerous of using polystyrene (read question 3), why would the number of respondent for the fourth question is still high. It recorded that 44.8% still be using polystyrene to take away food if the premises provide it.

Moving on to the next question, the logical idea to enforce the campaign, almost 100% says ‘Yes’. Let us take a look at the sixth survey question.


How do you find yourself as a student, to the implementation of such campaign? The answer reads that 26 out of 29 agreed that this campaign is practical for them. Lastly I asked, how they take away their food without using polystyrene. 14 people answered using paper wrap or paper bag, and the rest picked the other two answers which are plastic wrap or plastic paper and others.


From this brief and simple survey and data collected, I would draw a conclusion by saying, most of my respondents are aware of the danger of using polystyrene to take away food, but still they tend to use them somehow if the premises they visited provides the polystyrene. I focused on the implementation towards UKM students since the campaign was launched in campus, so after the analysis, it is convincing to say that majority of UKM students know about the campaign and they supported it. Though, the campus lifestyle of a very flexible meal time, they choose to take away their food. Even though it will cost them 20 cent for a bio-degradable food container and with no other options (besides bringing their own food container) they fall back to their usual habit.

Survey Report (Complete Report of the Survey in Microsoft Word document)


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