Written Communication

Lecturer: Dr. Saadiyah bt Darus

Student: Ahmad Khairul Anas bin Ahmad (A148290)

Compare and Contrast essay.

Question No. 2: Comparing the advantages of two different ways of learning about life. Either listening to the advice of family and friends, or through personal experience.

Type: Block Organization

Deciding between listening to the advice of family and friends or learning it through personal experience requires comparison of the two situations.

Both methods require time to develop the input. Life is not an easy path; the road is difficult and full of obstacle. If I decided to go seek for advice from friend, I would have to go out to meet them and the session will literally consume time. This applies to session with family members too, except that I don’t have go out and meet them. But, if I decide on learning it from personal experience, I have to go through the complications and problems to get the answer, as both require time and patience to fruitful.

It does not really matter of which one I will choose to teach me about life, both will get back to me in term of decision-making. It is still an act of individualistic. After I have been advised by family and friends, I will have to decide on what is the next big step. The same goes to personal experience, life will lay out multiple choices for me to choose, at the end of the day, it is solely on me to decide on my own life.

Though both situations share some similarities, they also differ in certain aspects.

Family and friends, and personal experience have different approaches. Some family members and friends may sound harsh or strict and some might sounded soft. They have different kind of advice and the way they put it in advising should not be the same. While life in personal experience may have hid the silver lining in every grey cloud, therefore, I should be able to discover it on my own.

Both ways are training me to be mentally and physically ready. I should feel comfortable talking and ask for advice from my family and friends, thus I may have already guessed the answers to my own questions. My brain will be busy making predictions and possibilities while life itself has no limit to possibilities. It is full of surprises and sudden issues that could be a problem later on. I have to be ready for any kind of possibilities that life would throw at me.

In short, as I am more of a family and friends type of guy, I would prefer the first method which is to listen to the advice of my family and the rest of my friends. I would be more comfortable sharing my problems and ask the closest to me. People might label me as timid to not go out there and experience life by my own, but I put my family and friends first in any situations.


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