Written Communication

Lecturer: Dr. Saadiyah bt Darus

Student: Ahmad Khairul Anas bin Ahmad (A148290)

Cause and Effect essay.

Question No. 4: Teenagers have jobs while they are students.

Type: Chain Organizations

It is not a surprise when you learnt that the girl in the coffee shop is a part time waiting table and a literature major student at the same time. When it is no longer an odd thing to discover, it immediately blooms into a trend. Globally, many teenagers choose to work while study. Albeit high school students, college or university students, even primary school students choose to work while study. It could be from waiting table, delivery guy, promoter, to typist or proof reader.

Students choose to work as a part timer due to financial issue. Every paid job will help the students to pay for their tuition fees, research study, stationeries, books, and miscellaneous. Plus, they need the money to survive living in the campus, for college, and university students; for instance, paying for meals, programs, pocket money, any emergency cases, medicines or even savings in bank account.

Other than that, students decided to work solely because it was personally driven. Some would say, this is a way to improve their working skills as they need to work as a team or in an organization. This should make them a better student, generally a better person when they can juggle both study and work really well. It would make them an independent person, not latching to their parents or someone else in financial aspect, hence resulting in a self-reliant individual.

On that note, working students often have wishes or bucket list to buy for instance, new phone, a bike, or perhaps a car. They can’t simply ask someone else to buy them the things that they want, thus they choose to work, get paid and earn the goods with their own sweat.

When they are not proving anyone wrong or improving themselves for this matter, students who work while study, claimed that they choose to do both because of their passion in working and ambition to do business after study. Working now would be a stepping stone for them as they can learn the ABC and 123 of the business if they plan to do so in the future. It is like training for their future jib but with paycheck.

It is a cut-throat world out there. Teenagers should be mentally and physically ready and should be up for the big reality’s challenge. Having to do both study and work is not a simple task to do, and it should not be a problem if they can manage their time very well. It is also an advantage for them before they step out to their real world. This is what people nowadays would call, added value.


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